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Hard Truths –The C-Suite is just not that into you

by Paige O'Neill, Chief Marketing Officer, Sitecore

With research showing more CMOs now responsible for their organisation's digital transformation, it's time to start speaking the language of the C-Suite to secure investment.

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The Age of Experience: How Asian brands are delivering seamless customer experience

by Nick Boyle, VP Asia, Sitecore

Technology tipped us from the Information Age into the Experience Age. Not only do customers want better interactions with brands – they expect it. What exactly do they want – and how are organisations best able to deliver it? 

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A Voice at the Table: How diversity fuels innovation and drives business results

by Upali Dasgupta, Marketing Director, Asia, Sitecore

Sitecore is very fortunate to have a CEO who is extremely passionate about diversity and women in technology. Last year, Mark Frost brought four C-level female executives to Sitecore’s executive team, which is uncommon in the technology sector. 

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Session Videos

Personalise with Precision

Understand how personalisation drives marketing results.Get practical advice on justifying investment in personalisation capabilities, best practices,and building trust.

Connections Driving Commerce

Discover the secrets to engaging with customers so they’re inspired to develop a lifelong relationship with your brand. Get the latest insights on how experience drives commerce business. 

Solve the Content Crisis

Discover the secrets to connecting the dots between content and customer behaviour. Learn from leading enterprise brands like LinkedIn and Creative Folks.

Event Highlights

The first Sitecore Experience Asia conference in Singapore brought together hundreds of marketers to discover new digital experience superpowers unique to the region.