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Discovering our Marketing Superpowers

by Zarnaz Arlia, VP Corporate Marketing, Sitecore

An inspirational day. Quality people with great stories to tell. Time well spent. These are some of the ways that hundreds of marketers in many different roles and companies reflected on our inaugural European marketing event.

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My 3 Top Takeaways from Sitecore Experience

by Paige O'Neill, Chief Marketing Officer, Sitecore

When it comes to digital transformation, each organization faces unique challenges. But some of the biggest roadblocks are common across the board – from siloed and misaligned departments to personalization paralysis to the content crisis.

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A Seat at the Table: How Including Women Fuels Innovation and Drives Business Results

with Pam Maynard, Avanade’s President of Product and Innovation, and Sitecore MVPs Allison Simpkins, SVP of Valtech North America and Una Verhoeven, solution architect and Founder of AmpleEdge

Many may be surprised to learn that prior to 1973, women in the United States weren’t permitted to have a credit card in their own name. Fast forward forty-six years, and while women's rights in society and in the workplace have come a long way, there’s still a lot of work to do.

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Making a Difference with DAM

by Jose Santa Ana, Product Marketing Director, Sitecore Content Hub

Content creation can be a double-edged sword. Some brands struggle with the negative impact of not having enough content. While other brands face the challenge of having so much content they’re not sure what to do with it all.

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Building Trust in the ERA of GDPR

by Amanda Shiga, Product Strategist at Sitecore

Nearly a year after the GDPR compliance deadline of May 25, 2018, global brands and agencies continue to discuss the best practices for winning and retaining trust in a post-GDPR world and what we've learned along the way.

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Solving the Content Crisis

by Tim Pashuysen, Stylelabs Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

There’s a content crisis raging away within the companies we all know and love; 97% of people who work in marketing say content is their biggest concern. Content is what keeps CMOs awake at night.

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Session Videos

Event Highlights

Hundreds of marketers gathered at Sitecore Experience to discover new superpowers and advance their marketing to the next level.

The Impact of Effective Personalisation

While personalization is increasingly expected, many organizations are struggling to deliver. Join Mike Shaw, Sitecore’s Platform Product Marketing Manager, as he dives into the impact of effective personalization while offering actionable examples of personalization best practices – both strategies and tactics.

Creating a Culture of Personalisation

Are you meeting your customers’ expectations? Find out what leaders in customer experience personalization are doing to differentiate their marketing, and how to create a culture of personalization in your company.

A Seat at the Table: How Including Women Fuels Innovation and Drives Business Results

It’s the right thing to do – and the smart thing to do. Study after study has shown that gender diversity fuels innovation. And we know this in large part thanks to the women who refused to let a glass ceiling get in their way. Listen in and learn as four women leaders discuss their journeys to success in the technology industry.

Building Trust in the Era of GDPR

It might sound like marketing hype, but this panel of GDPR thought leaders reveals why it’s true: GDPR is more than a regulative roadblock; it’s a chance for organizations and marketers to clean up their data, gain a deeper understanding of their customers, and, ultimately, deliver experiences that drive engagement, sales, and loyalty.